Company Overview

Building and protecting your legacy with Zeal

We build with education and process development and protect by implementing and monitoring the action plans to secure your legacy.


The mission of LA Legal Solutionz is to collaborate with Forward thinking Entrepreneurs who want to secure their business’ legal standing and protect it from infringement and attacks. We utilize a wholistic strategy for establishing, protecting, and growing the business that reduces stress and provides security in knowing your business and family legacy is protected.

Our services improve client’s understanding of the why and how of legal protection and compliance that helps our audience become sophisticated business owners. Ultimately, we would like our services to improve the way clients view themselves, what they offer, and their ability to create and maintain generational wealth.

Our Approach

In all services offerings, we utilize our LEGAL approach when working with clients.

  • Level Setting through a discovery call we work with you to identify questions, ideas, and/or goals to determine best course of action.
  • Explore – with an understanding of where you are and what you’d like to accomplish, we provide our legal opinion and recommendation.
  • Groundwork – we work with you to develop an action plan to accomplish the goals identified and establish a firm foundation.
  • Adapt – we adapt our approach and service offerings to fit your specific needs
  • Legacy – implement plan to sustain the business you created.

Our Story

Troubled by the fact that many startups can’t afford quality legal services, so they resort to generic forms found online that leave them exposed to liability and risk, Latavia decided to expand her knowledge of how to start and run a small business. Passionate about helping people protect and grow their ideas and passions, she wanted to assist clients on how to navigate the legal world while providing honest and comprehensive advice that helps them build, protect and scale.

When she was working in the Small Business Clinic in law school, she realized that she was good at connecting with people and explaining things in a way they can understand and appreciate., She is able to use her diverse experience across multiple industries to help small businesses with trademark registration, business formation, and contract litigation. So, she started a law firm, Resolexions, focusing on helping small business owners with business strategy and consulting, landlord/tenant law, and trademark registration. But soon she realized that most new business owners lack the resources needed to secure quality legal advice and representation. As a result, they often try to do things themselves or pay for an online service that is generic and not specific to their needs.

Soon, Latavia found herself putting more time and energy into working for others than her own business, which led her to feeling unfulfilled and stagnant due to trying to help entrepreneurs on a part time basis. Nevertheless, she proceeded to focus her energy and efforts into creating a business that is dedicated to helping other business owners. By doing this, she was able to remove the time constraints and limitations created by working for someone else and expand her reach. Now LA Legal Solutionz devotes its full attention to providing education and representation to and for small business owners on what is needed to secure and protect their business. By focusing on a target audience, LA Legal Solutionz is, is uniquely qualified to identify and address the specific needs of clients and help them elevate and protect their business.


Business Formation
  • LLC
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Drafting
  • Review
  • Search
  • Registration
  • Licensing & Assignment
  • Registration
  • Licensing
Life & Legacy Planning
  • Power of attorney
  • Health care directive
  • Will
  • Business Succession Planning